Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Preparing for Ghana

When I was a small child I always kept a journal, writing and dancing were my outlets to express my feelings. I have a distinct memory around Thanksgiving one year being so thankful I wanted to share the gifts God had given me with the children in Africa. I obtained a double major in Dance and General Communication Disorders from Winthrop University. During this time, in a group discussion of "what do you want to do before you die" I was caught off guard that the first thought that came to my mind was go to Africa. When my husband Chris and I were dating, I told him some day I want to go dance in Africa and he said he would follow where ever I wanted to go as long as we both had a purpose there.

Now we have the opportunity to combine both of our life passions of dance and Architecture in Project OKURASE in Ghana. God willing we will leave mid-August and stay through September.

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