Friday, August 20, 2010

Arriving in Ghana

We arrived in Accra, Ghana on Tuesday with a slight delay. Nana Ama Yeboah picked us up from the airport and from the moment we stepped into Accra we were facinated by the people. You can buy just about anything through the window of your car from the locals selling good that they carry on top of their heads.
It was very exciting arriving at Nana's home and meeting her three daughters Adjoa-age 21, Opeibea age 19 and Nana Serwaa age 4. We quickly found out that Nana Serwaa puts the energizer bunny to shame, there is never a dull moment when she is around.
The first day we spent in Accra visiting the monument of the first president of Ghana and wandering around the shops of the Arts district. We visited Powerful's drum shop and tried to learn to play, I mostly enjoyed watching and listening to the music.
On return to Nana's home we realized how crazy the traffic is here! We waited in traffic and watched the sun go down around 6:30 (the same time all year) trying to absorb the scenery as much as possible.
Our second day we drove to the Central Region to Cape Coast and the Jungle Canopy. The Canopy was an adventure- we walked across 7 rope bridges attached high up in the trees suspended over the rainforest.
Then we went on our way to Cape Coast, listening to the local music with our wind blown hair, seeing the palms and scattered villages along the way.
We visited Elmina Castle, the place where slaves where shipped off around the world. It was unreal to imagine the feet that had tread the path to the door of no return before us.
When we left the Castle Nana had to help us get to the car as all of the teens surrounded us to try and get us to buy their goods or support their school.
We are so thankful for Nana's hospitality, she is truly an amazing woman.
Today, we go to Okurase to see what is in store for us.

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